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Who is the best surgeon for lipomatics in Iran?

Lipomatic surgery is one of the most popular surgeries among the general public. If you want to lose weight fast, it is better to have lipomatic surgery. Lipomatic surgery is a method of body sculpting and getting rid of excess body fat.

One of the questions that has occupied the minds of the general public is what should we do to have lipomatic surgery and how to choose a good surgeon.

Who is the best surgeon for lipomatics in Iran?

Who is the best surgeon for lipomatics in Iran?

Who is the best surgeon to do lipomatics

What is the role of a good lipomatic surgeon in performing surgery? In this article, we intend to address your questions, Join us.

Liposuction is a method that is offered in most beauty and body centers, but to get a good result, you should choose a doctor who has enough experience in this field. Plastic and cosmetic surgeons are a good option for this job.

The best lipomatic surgeon in Iran

By doing lipomatics, you can achieve your ideal body. This method is widely used today and is a completely safe method. We here at Tehran Surgical Beauty Clinic, in collaboration with the best specialists and cosmetic surgeons, will create a sweet experience for you to achieve beauty.

Lipomatic device

This device has a compressor that transports the compressed air into the cannula and the cannula also creates vibrations and vibrations under the skin that break the connection of fat cells and then drain them.

Before using the lipomatic slimming method, anesthetic drugs are injected in the desired area, which reduces pain during the operation.

The lipomatic device is highly safe and only drains adipose tissue.

This advantage means that other tissues of the limb are not damaged.

Another important lipomatic benefit is the use of drained fats.

The vibrations of the cannula are such that it makes the adipose tissue smaller and does not damage them, so after emptying, the fat can be used to add volume to other areas of the body.

What are the characteristics of the best lipomatic surgeon?

To choose the best lipomatic surgeon in Tehran, the doctor’s records should be reviewed and the doctor’s experience should be considered, and he performed lipomatics with complete confidence in the doctor.

– The doctor must have a sample of different types of lipomatics in different areas of the body.

The doctor must be a lipomatologist or cosmetic surgeon.

Provide the person with the necessary instructions on how to do lipomatics.

Explain the necessary steps and instructions to the patient before lipomatic.


The effect of choosing a good lipomatic surgeon as a result of surgery

result of surgery

result of surgery

If the lipomatic surgeon does his job properly, there are no complications threatening the person after the lipomatic operation.

Because lipomatics is one of the cosmetic surgeries and does not have many risks. And the surgeon removes excess body fat by making a very small incision, without causing serious damage to parts of the body.

Note that surgery is an important issue and there may be many twists and turns during surgery.

In order to be completely comfortable during the surgery, you must trust your surgeon, and you must be able to leave your safety and beauty to him with ease.

Cost of lipomatic surgery in Tehran surgical centers

Lipomatic in this complex is performed by a plastic surgeon in the best equipped and licensed surgical centers and hospitals in the country.

The best and newest method of lipomatic surgery with excellent results is currently available in Tehran Sergical Beauty Clinic.

If you are looking for lipomatic surgery in Iran, read the rest of this article carefully:

Lipomatic slimming is a quick way to get rid of fat, and it can be used to remove fat accumulated in different parts of the body such as the sides, abdomen, buttocks .

The lipomatic method is safe and in this method, the accumulated fats can be removed from the body and used in other parts of the body.

This method is suitable for people who have local obesity and fat has accumulated in parts of their body and is not scattered in all parts of their body.

It should also be noted that the skill of the sculptor in controlling and regulating the passage of the canola tube is very effective in the success and proper

and uniform discharge of fats.

Cost of lipomatic surgery in Tehran surgical centers

Cost of lipomatic surgery in Tehran surgical centers.


Lipomatic surgery can be performed on different parts of the body, so the cost of this surgery depends entirely on factors such as the points required for surgery and the volume of fat, and the exact cost will be determined by the surgeon after examining and assessing the patient’s needs.

The benefits of lipomatics

Lipomatic surgery quickly removes belly and flank fat, which is difficult to get rid of with natural methods, in a short time.
It is a safe and new way.
The pain caused by this operation is very low.
Lipomatic surgery has no specific side effects.
The recovery period of this method is about 2 weeks.
The risk of infection is greatly reduced in this method.
The amount of swelling and bruising in this method is much less than other methods of local slimming.
Patients do not experience sagging or sagging skin after lipomatic surgery.
In this method, general anesthesia is not required and it is performed under local anesthesia.
If patients follow a healthy diet and lifestyle, the result of this method will be permanent.
After lipomatic surgery, patients do not need to be hospitalized and are discharged the same day.
Drain a lot of fat in one day
Eliminate skin cellulite

recovery time  after lipomatic

The recovery period after lipomatic is very fast. You will get better every day as your swelling decreases and your skin heals and tightens.

Complete recovery occurs in just a few short weeks and you can resume your daily activities immediately.
Lipomatic benefits

Having surgery with a good lipomatologist can shorten the recovery period.