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Risks and complications of lipomatic

Risks and complications of lipomatics are among the questions asked for this procedure. In fact, this is done by an experienced and experienced surgeon and it can be said that it is free of complications and painless. But in general, a series of complications are unavoidable and inevitable, such as bruising or swelling of the entrance area, the outlet of the device, which is a brief, temporary and transient swelling and redness or bleeding, and after two to four days The symptoms disappear and the patient can easily carry out their daily activities.

Here are some risks and complications of lipomatic

Risks and complications of lipomatic

Risks and complications of lipomatic

1.Doctor fatigue and the possibility of mistakes

Lipomatic surgery requires time, which also requires great care during the operation.

Some people think that the surgeon may get very tired in the middle of the work and make a mistake during the surgery.

But it should be said that lipomatic surgery, although it requires a lot of time, but it is not done all at once and without rest.

But in the middle of work there is time for the specialist to rest.

In addition, if the patient needs too much time, the doctor will arrange several sessions for him and will not perform all the surgery in one session.


2. Damage to the arteries of the body due to severe vibration shocks

The basis of the work of the lipomatic device is vibration, in which the necessary vibrations are performed to break down fat.

This has led some to think that the blows caused by the vibration of the lipomatic system can cause serious damage to parts of the body, including blood vessels.

While the canola is intelligently designed.

This part of the device has sensors that automatically stop when it comes in contact with blood vessels, muscles and other sensitive parts of the body.

This feature prevents any damage to the patient’s body and only on


3. Bleeding is focused on excess fat during surgery.


Bleeding during lipomatic surgery occurs when the patient ignores the doctor’s advice before surgery.

For example, taking certain medications, such as aspirin and warfarin, two weeks before surgery can cause severe bleeding during surgery.

If the patient does not follow the doctor’s advice for any reason, the doctor will give the patient other medications such as epinephrine to prevent bleeding.


4. Risk of embolism due to blows to the lipomatic system


An embolism occurs when a substance (solid, liquid, or gas) travels through a vein and enters another part of the body.

An embolus causes a blockage in a good artery, leading to symptoms of organ failure.

Given that this risk may be the cause of disability, it is necessary to pay attention to it.

But whether lipomatosis is the cause of clogged blood vessels is a bit debatable. Fats are melted by this device and then removed from the body.

Therefore, no fat enters the body, which causes blood vessels to become blocked.


5. Severe bruising of the patient due to blows to the device

According to some opponents of lipomatic surgery, this method causes severe bruising of the patient.

While it should be said that the blows focus only on excess body fat and act locally.

While other parts of the body are not affected by the canola beat. Therefore, this complication can be ruled out with confidence.


6. Wounds and long period of treatment

Lipomatic has been introduced as a replacement for liposuction, which has a short recovery period and a quick return to work.

In this method, the surgical scar is very small compared to the liposuction method, so that it heals after a few days.

So there is no need to worry about this.

With 5 days of rest, the patient can resume normal daily activities.


7. Lipomatic reversibility


The lipomatic method tries to remove all excess fat from the body at the request of the patient.

But according to the doctor’s recommendations, the patient should follow a proper diet after surgery.

While exercise and physical activity should not be forgotten. There is no guarantee that excess fat will return to any weight loss treatment.

Therefore, it is necessary to follow the doctor’s recommendations and postoperative care


8. Sensitivity to lidocaine

Lidocaine is a local anesthetic used during surgery.

Some patients may be allergic to this substance.

If the patient’s sensitivity to this substance can be diagnosed and prevented.


9.Infection caused by lipomatic surgery

Some people think that infection due to lipomatic surgery is inevitable.

And is one of the risks and complications of lipomatic surgery

If the wound is from a small surgery and does not make it difficult to care for.

On the other hand, if the patient is in a state of complete sterilization and the doctor disinfects all equipment during the operation, the risk of infection is eliminated.

10. Water accumulates in the surgical area

If the surgeon is not skilled enough in his work,

The fluid enters the small pores, which can be prevented with the skill of the doctor and the cooperation of the patient.