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Sculpting or lipomatic

LIPOMATIC is an advanced method with the least complications for the removal of localized fat and is more accurate than the LIPOSUCTION method.

Lipomatic is a way to reduce size. Using this method to eliminate large amounts of fat in the body is not recommended at all, but with this method, a large amount of fat is emptied in one session and does not require anesthesia.

Lipomatic is a subcutaneous fat extraction technology used to extract topical fats.

The technology used in this tool with very high accuracy makes it completely different from the old method of liposuction.


How is the lipomatic procedure performed?

In body surgery, such as liposuction, a very thin metal rod called a cannula is used to break down fat. Your surgeon inserts a cannula rod under the skin from specially pre-marked areas, causing the fat in the treated area to be crushed by vibration and rotation. It is reduced and the maximum amount of fat is removed and that is why it is known as sculpting

The fats that are drained during lipomatic surgery will be completely intact due to the lack of heat. These fats can be injected into areas such as the breast, cheeks, laughter line and buttocks. The postoperative recovery period is very short and, unlike other methods, the patient will not feel any burning sensation in the skin.

Liposuction and its benefits

– Integration of fat under the skin and like other suction devices, does not remove fat under the skin.

Getting the right body shape in this surgery is very short and takes 2 weeks.

– In this surgery, local anesthesia is used.

Swelling and discharge are very low in this surgery.

– The probability of infection is very low.

Fat embolism is very low and no case has been reported so far.

– The person does not need to be hospitalized and will be discharged after treatment.

– Fatigue and physical injury in this surgery is less than other surgeries.

– Safe, effective and easy.

– If the canola does not see any fatty tissue, the active security system allows immediate stop.

Low or no pain.

– There is a possibility of excellent skin contraction

– Fast recovery

– Cheaper

Cost of abdominal and flank lipomatics in Iran

Frequently asked questions about the cost of abdominal and flank lipomatics in Iran

in the following, a brief explanation about the cost is given to get the necessary information.

The cost of lipomatics can be influenced by many factors, including the factors affecting the cost of lipomatics can be the amount of fat in the area to be extracted using lipomatics.

Among other factors that can be mentioned is the number of sessions that are considered.

Also, the treated area can be cost-effective, for example, the cost of leg or arm lipomatosis is not the same as abdominal lipomatosis.

In order to know that you are a suitable candidate for lipomatics and using this method, you can get the desired result and receive detailed information ,about the cost. You can receive the necessary advice through the site’s communication channels.connect us via whats app 00989381398651

Cost of abdominal and flank lipomatics in Iran

Cost of abdominal and flank lipomatics in Iran

For whom is liposuction suitable?

For people who suffer from obesity, lipomatic is a very good option. This method works locally and without anesthesia, extra and accumulated fat can be extracted from different parts of the body. Lipomatic is a very ideal and safe method.

Using this method, you can get rid of your excess fat permanently. You can immediately see the effects of this method on your body. Lipomatic is a very advanced method that does not cause any special complications and the results are irreversible.


Who is not suitable for sculpting?

It all depends on the opinion and scientific diagnosis of a specialist. Also, patients’ conditions and expectations are different. Therefore, patients should attend the counseling session. In this session, complications, risks, and postoperative care are described.

Sometimes a photograph is taken of the patient to give a pictorial description.

Sometimes your doctor may order tests before you have liposuction.

In addition to people with obesity, hemophiliacs should avoid this procedure. In lipomatic surgery, you bleed a lot and this is dangerous for hemophiliacs. If you have an infectious disease and your immune system is weak, avoid surgery; Unless tested, diagnosed and examined by a specialist

Liposuction is performed on what areas of the body?

Liposuction can be performed on any part of the body, including the thighs, hands, abdomen, hips, back, buttocks, chest, neck and even the face.

Usually after fat removal, some sagging and loosening is seen in the skin. Lift surgery is also performed to eliminate this complication.

Lipomatic surgery, which is a type of painless liposuction with much fewer complications, removes excess fat tissue from localized obese areas, removes obese areas of the body and is used to slim the organs of the body;

 abdomen and flanks lipomatics

Abdominal and flank liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic and slimming surgeries,

which is the best option for many people who have lost weight even with the help of exercise and a strict diet,

but have not been able to get rid of belly and flank fat.
Lipomatic thighs: Some people have fat cellulite in the lower torso, especially their thighs, and this obesity does not go away easily unless they undergo a body sculpting procedure such as lipomatic.
Lipomatic arm: Some people have large, fat, loose, drooping arms that can not be corrected in any way by this strange shape of their arms,

and these people have to resort to body sculpting methods such as lipomatic.
Lipomatic chin: Some people are not overweight or obese, but they have localized fat or so-called double chin ,

which has caused their face to lose its beauty. Even with diet, these people still can’t get rid of their chin, which is why they go for lipomatic chirping.
Lipomatic facial

Cost of abdominal and flank lipomatics in Iran

Cost of abdominal and flank lipomatics in Iran

Lipomatic hip
Lipomatic back of the neck
Lipomatic neck and cheeks