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Breast augmentation or breast lift

Breast augmentation or breast lift is a cosmetic surgery to remove sagging breasts. Women may have sagging breasts for a variety of reasons. Lifting the breast is done by making incisions in the skin of the breast, removing the extra parts and shrinking the skin of the breast. In this method, the breast tissue does not change. Unlike breast reduction, in which excess tissue is removed, in breast augmentation, only the extra skin is removed.

Women’s breasts usually change over time and lose their youthful and firm appearance. These changes and loss of skin elasticity can occur due to the following factors:

Weight loss or weight gain
age increasing

Breast augmentation or breast lift

Breast augmentation or breast lift

How to perform a breast lift?

Breast lift is a type of surgery that is welcomed by most women who want shapely breasts.

During the operation, it is cut around the areola and the nipple. Excess skin is removed and the breast is pulled up. If breast augmentation is needed, a breast implant or breast prosthesis may be placed behind the breast tissue.
For breast implants, soft silicone materials or polymeric materials are usually used.


A variety of breast lift procedures

 Anchor lifting:

Three incision lines include incision around the areola and vertical incision from the areola to the natural crease below the breast and a horizontal incision parallel to the crease below the breast. This method is associated with the highest amount of surgical incision. They have it and the desired results can not be achieved with previous methods.

This procedure, which is also the oldest, is usually performed simultaneously with a breast lift by shrinking it, and the surgeon is able to remove a significant amount of excess skin and reduce tissue, which gives excellent results.


Crescent Lifting:

The crescent extension technique is often used for women with smaller breasts. This procedure involves making a small incision around the upper half of the upper edge of the breast. Crescent lifting is often performed when a patient is exposed to a breast filling procedure. This technique reduces wounds.


 Round lifting:

This method is effective for mild to moderate stiffness in the chest. The procedure involves a circular incision that is made around the areular edge and, like crescent-shaped lifting, is often performed in breast augmentation surgery. This lifting can also be helpful in reducing the areolar size. The wound is located around the areular edge but disappears over time.

Only around the areola is suitable for women with mild to moderate sagging breasts. This method, when performed in conjunction with the placement of a breast prosthesis by a skilled surgeon, can create satisfactory results for a person with the least amount of surgical incision.